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In the richest nation on earth, we have stuff.  We have so much.  Maybe not as much as they do over there.  But, almost certainly, far more than Grandpa and Grandma had.  Far more than sustinence and raiment, with which we are to be satisfied.

Many of us do our best to not give in to the materialist spirit of our time; sometimes we even say, "It just doesn't matter," about the many, many things we have.   We think we have old, wise Solomon on our side who said it was all "vanity" (KJV) or "meaningless" (NIV) or "nothing but vapor" (EHV).  And we have around us many reactionaries to American excess who think they're virtuous because they've unplugged and are squirreling their lives away in much greater harmony with Mother Earth than the rest of us.  Stuff is bad, we're told.  As if it's more virtuous to be poor and as if it's sinful to have stuff.

But, of course the stuff that we have matters; it is gift to us from our Gracious Father Who provides all we need for our daily life. We get to thank our Father for the daily bread that He gives.  And use it all for His glory and for the good of our neighbor.

If the barns are full, even very big barns, we are thankful to our Father.  And we're rich toward God with those riches that He has given us.  If the portfolio continues to expand--or not, we are thankful to our Father and we're rich toward God with all that He has given to us to manage for His glory and for the good of our neighbor.  Where your treasure is, there your heart is also.  Jesus is our Priceless Treasure.  "Naught I ask beside thee."

That is, there is no one else I need as God.  There is nothing else I need to satiate the needs I have that only God had satisfy.  There is no idea, no person, no stuff important enough to remove Jesus, the LORD, from the throne of my heart.  He alone is worthy.

So, why do I get afraid?  Why do I envy the others?  Why do I get upset because I know I didn't ask God for very much--as if since I asked Him only for a little and I don't ask Him for that little very often--He should doggone well give it to me!

Wretched man that I am!  Wretched folks in the assembly this weekend, struggling with the same flesh that is common to us all.  Struggling with thinking that the main issue is the stuff.  And, of course, it isn't; the main issue is, "Who/what is your God?"

Ah! But Christ is all!  And is in all.  And, dead to the old gods and my old flesh, I get to hear the promise--again!--that I died to the world's old, miserable principles and to the world's newest gods in my baptism that buried me with Jesus.  And I am new, renewed in the image of our Creator.

So, rather than feeling guilty about how much stuff we have, we are actually as generous toward God as He is to us and as rich toward the neighbor as God is to us.  We have all things!  Let's give away the Priceless Treasure, using all of our resources to the best of our ability in being rich toward God and those around us!

-Principal Mike Schaefer and Vicar Matthew Swanson were installed at Zion, Denver last Sunday.

-Hannah Carter will be installed at Zion, Valentine, NE on Sunday, August 25.

-Kaitlyn Bochler will be installed as emergency teacher at Mt. Olive, Overland Park, KS on Sunday, August 25.

Servants Deliberating

-Kendall Cook of Shepherd of Peace, Norfolk to Trinity, Crete, IL

-Joel Vogel of St. Mark, Lincoln, NE to Coleman, WI

Congregations/Calling Bodies Calling a Pastor

-Christ, Beatrice is presently being served by Fred Berger from St. Paul's, Plymouth.  The saints at Christ in Beatrice have asked St. Paul's, Plymouth for some kind of working relationship for the good of the kingdom. Meetings in Jesus' name continue.

-Good Shepherd, Kearney, NE to Clinton Kreugizer of Marietta, OH on August 21.  Tom Schneider from Christ in Grand Island, NE is serving the vacancy.

-Beautiful Savior, Topeka, KS to David Kapler of Mountain Home, Arkansas as their next pastor.  Matt Scharf of Hope in Manhattan, KS is serving the vacancy.

-Lord of Life, Thornton, CO to John Vieths of Norman, OK on August 22.

-The first Call meeting at Living Savior, Littleton, CO will be August 28.

-The first Call meeting at Mt. Olive, Overland Park, KS will be determined soon.

-January 21-23, 2020--National Leadership Conference in Chicago (in place of annual Missionaries' Conference this year).  More info will follow from NE DMB.
-​Promise to Protect (recognizing and responding to child abuse and neglect) seminar at Eternal Rock in Castle Rock, from 9 am til 3 pm on August 24.  Cf. Tim Spiegelberg for more information.
-Western Pastors' Conference-September 24-25, with meeting of Circuit Pastors the night before on September 23
-NE District Teachers' Conference (with Dak-Mont Teachers' Conference).  October 13-15 in Denver.  The district's praesidium will also meet during this conference to plan for 2020's District Convention.
-Eastern Pastors' Conference-October 22-23 at Zion in Valentine, NE with meeting of Circuit Pastors the night before on October 21
-June 1-3, 2020 the Nebraska District Convention at Estes Park Center in Colorado

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