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There has been a problem with the server.  I wrote and sent a note Friday, August 9, (Pentecost 9) but it did not get out of the system. This note I originally sent last Friday, the 16th and now you receive it a few days later. I am thankful there are brothers who care enough about the work of the Church that they keep these things working.

"I don't know how to pray.  How do you do it?"  So many of our neighbors don't have a clue.  And it's not because of a lack of knowledge regarding the mechanics or the body postures.  They don't know the voice of Him Who created them.  And then redeemed them.  They just don't know.

Abraham had just been promised new life through his old, dried-up wife.  Within a year.  The old promise of a son, born of a woman, was reiterated.  Sarah isaaked (in Hebrew); she laughed.  The visitor, the LORD with Abraham, promised that he would bring about for Abraham what the LORD had promised him--all nations blessed through his old, good-as-dead body.  Abraham heard the promise and trusted Him.  So, when the news of the impending end of nearby neighbors reached Abraham's ears, he prayed to the One he trusted.  Repeatedly.  Humbly.  Boldly.  And he was heard by the Living God.

The disciples of Jesus asked Jesus to teach them how to pray.  He didn't give them different body positions or mental techniques.  But, as authoritative LORD, he did answer; Jesus knows the One Who is addressed in prayer and is the Access to His Father.  So, He can authoritatively say, "When you pray, say..." and it's trust-worthy.  He, after all, is the head over every--every!--power and authority; in Him is all the fullness of the Deity--in this God/Man, this crucified Jew, buried in a tomb near Jerusalem, truly dead, but now raised from the dead.  And any who trust Him are also as raised from the dead as Jesus is.  So prayer in Jesus' name to our Father is life from the dead; it is triumphant speech, having the full assurance of trust in the Living God Who speaks and Who also, in Christ, wants to hear from His people.  So we utter from the bottom of our soul.  We weep our entreaties into His ears.  We cry tears of joy and overflowing thankfulness in this Christ Who is nothing at all hollow or deceptive or based on human traditions; He is Truth and Life.  In Him are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.  And being found in Him, we can't but call on Him in the day of trouble or in the day of overabundant grace and pray.

The people in the assembly this weekend don't need so much to hear better techniques or your new and different disciplines for their prayer life; they need to know the mystery of God, namely Christ!  He's the One in Whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.  He's the reality.  In Him as LORD, they are given roots and a foundation for life and eternity.  In Him, they know God and, in trust, will actually pray to Him, confidently, as a loved child approaches her loving daddy.

Tuesday night, August 6th, at about 10 p.m., a tornado touched down in and 100 mph winds hit Burke, SD.  Thankfully, injuries are few.  Newly installed Pastor Phil Henning, who happened to be caring for his father in New Ulm, MN, who had recently experienced multiple strokes and now needs 24-hour care, reports that a member lost a home, but that the town folk and the congregation are rallying nicely.  Please remember Grace in Burke in your prayers and especially remember that the entire area, especially south of there, was hit hard by flooding early this Spring; bridges and dams in the area are still out.  The hardy folks around there are bucking up and doing what they do, without a whole lot of public whining.  But Pastor Henning was reminded of WELS Christian Aid and Relief and their offers to be helpful, both in congregation and in community, simply to meet needs of the neighbors.  Pastor Henning also reported that Grace had already offered the use of their facilities for use by the middle and/or high schools, both of which sustained significant damage.  "The waves and winds still know His voice Who ruled them while He lived below."

-Dan Johnston & Jesse Nofftz were installed as RMLHS servants at Lord of Life in Thornton 8/4.
-Kaylee Swanson was installed at Lord of Life 8/11.

-Nathan Guhl (Science), Rylee Weisensel (AD, Tutor), Chris Beagle (Tutor), and Bryan Walkley (Tutor) were installed at the NELHS Opening Service last Sunday, August 11.

-Principal Mike Schaefer and Vicar Matthew Swanson will be installed at Zion, Denver this Sunday, August 18.

-Amy Biedenbender and Cheryl Michell were installed at Prince of Peace, Salt Lake City last Sunday, August 11.

-Hannah Carter will be installed at Zion, Valentine, NE on Sunday, August 25.

-Kaitlyn Bochler will be installed at Mt. Olive, Overland Park, KS on Sunday, August 25.

Decision Announced

-Thad Flitter of Zion, Valentine, NE chose to continue to serve among us, declining to serve in Vermont.  He is also serving Zion in Mission, SD, but not on a permanent basis.  Zion in Mission prays for possibly a semi-retired pastor to serve them and their neighbors.

-Mark Rieke declined to serve Good Shepherd, Kearney, NE.


-David Wietzke of Crown of Life, Pueblo West, CO has accepted appointment to serve as the Southern Circuit Pastor. Suggestions to reconfigure the make up of the circuit(s) haven't fallen on deaf ears.  A committee at next summer's district convention will consider reconfiguration(s).

-Phil Kieselhorst, of Shepherd of the Valley in Westminster, CO has accepted the appointment to serve as our district's 2nd Vice President.  N.B. his new email address: svlwestyminister at gmail.com.  Your district's praesidium is now Pastor Tyler Peil of Salt Lake City, serving as secretary of the district.  Pastor Phil Kieselhorst of Westminster serves as 2nd Vice President (and he'll be running point especially on ministry certification of our Lutheran early learning center servants and teachers).  Pastor Steve Helwig of Omaha serves as 1st Vice President (and as treasurer of the District Fund, and primary coordinator of the district's conventions).   Keep these men and their gospel ministry, done in the name of the Lord of the Church, in your prayers.  Thank the Lord that their congregations and wives are willing to share them for this additional service in Jesus' name.

New Chairman of Nebraska District Mission Board

-The NE DMB, in its meeting last week, asked Pastor Fred Berger of St. Paul's in Plymouth, NE to serve as their chairman.  Remember that when Shane Krause accepted a Call to Onalaska, WI, it created a vacancy on the NE DMB.  Pastor Aaron Schumann of Pittsburg, KS accepted the appointment to serve on the DMB.  The DMB, then, in turn, organized themselves in this way.  We pray for their vigorous and faithful work of planting new congregations in the world's 3rd largest mission field--the USA, and specifically, in our part of the world.

Servants Deliberating

-Kendall Cook of Shepherd of Peace, Norfolk to Trinity, Crete, IL

-Joel Vogel of St. Mark, Lincoln, NE to Coleman, WI

Congregations/Calling Bodies Calling a Pastor

-Christ, Beatrice is presently being served by Fred Berger from St. Paul's, Plymouth.  The saints at Christ in Beatrice have asked St. Paul's, Plymouth for some kind of working relationship for the good of the kingdom. Meetings in Jesus' name continue.

-Good Shepherd, Kearney, NE will meet to Call their next full-time pastor on August 21.  Tom Schneider from Christ in Grand Island, NE is serving the vacancy.

-Beautiful Savior, Topeka, KS to David Kapler of Mountain Home, Arkansas as their next pastor.  Matt Scharf of Hope in Manhattan, KS is serving the vacancy.

-Mt. Olive, Overland Park will be served by emergency teacher, Kaitlyn Bochler, this year for K-1.

-The first Call meeting at Lord of Life, Thornton, CO will be Thursday, August 22, 7:00 p.m.

-Pre-Call meeting at Living Savior, Littleton, CO will be Saturday, August 17, 10:00 a.m. The first Call meeting at Living Savior will be August 28.

-Pre-Call meeting for their Associate Pastor was at Mt. Olive, Overland Park, KS was on Sunday, August 18.

-January 21-23, 2020--National Leadership Conference in Chicago (in place of annual Missionaries' Conference this year).  More info will follow from NE DMB.
-​Promise to Protect (recognizing and responding to child abuse and neglect) seminar at Eternal Rock in Castle Rock, from 9 am til 3 pm on August 24.  Cf. Tim Spiegelberg for more information.
-Western Pastors' Conference-September 24-25, with meeting of Circuit Pastors the night before on September 23
-NE District Teachers' Conference (with Dak-Mont Teachers' Conference).  October 13-15 in Denver.  The district's praesidium will also meet during this conference to plan for 2020's District Convention.
-Eastern Pastors' Conference-October 22-23 at Zion in Valentine, NE with meeting of Circuit Pastors the night before on October 21
-June 1-3, 2020 the Nebraska District Convention at Estes Park Center in Colorado

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