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"He is risen!" you'll say.  "He is risen, indeed!" they'll say.

You are announcing the effect.  You also get to announce the cause.  "He was put to death because of our sins.  He was raised to life because of our justification" (Ro 4:25).

On the festival of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, there is a distinct kind of proclamation in the assembly that's willing to be labeled "Lutheran."  It is not to be a festival that celebrates and proclaims a potential gospel as will be the case in so many assemblies--you know: "He was raised to life for our justification.  Jesus did his thing to make it possible for you to be right with God.  All you need to do is...."  Maybe it won't be that blatant.  Maybe.  Faithful proclamation tomorrow isn't about possibility; it's certainty.

"He is risen!" means that all that is left is the living--living a life in the certain trust that all is well with my Creator; the chasm between a holy God and all the humans struggling to find a way has been crossed for us.  God is reconciled.  The humans in our orb need to know it.  They need to hear it.  They need to hear it, over and again, because they don't always pay attention, because they are distracted, because they don't like Christians, because they don't want to hear it.  We don't want a Savior, if we want any kind of god at all; we want a cooperating buddy, a helper.  We humans want anything and anyone but this crucified and resurrected One, because that's the human condition--willing the wrong things and following the wrong gods all the time.

So they need to hear it--"He is risen!"  They need to hear a clean and clear proclamation of what it all means; they don't hear this unconditional announcement that the war is over very often.  Add to the rare faithful proclamation of the resurrection of Jesus Christ the sinful heart that perverts it into a message that we're really comfortable with--a gospel of potential or of possibility--and you've got a devil's brew that plays itself time and again.

Take the risk, dear Lutheran gospel servant!  Let the good news of the crucified and risen Lord, Jesus Christ, fly!  Let it fly clearly to the faithful in the assembly--they need to hear it!  Let it fly cleanly also for the first-time visitor or for the delinquent who you haven't seen for months or maybe longer--they need to hear it!  Let it fly for those who know they are about to meet the end of their days--they need to know Who will meet them on the other side and what He thinks of them and why.  Let it fly for those who continue to cast about for a reason to exist.

They all need it--this you know.  They all invent their own gods, always, and continue to believe in those gods of their own making.

But only This One died for them.  Only This One is risen.  Only in This One are they as raised to a new life as He is raised to a new life.  Only in Him.  Only in Jesus Christ, crucified because of our sins and raised to life because of our justification.

He is risen!


Jeff Halldorson will be installed at Shepherd of the Hills, Greeley, CO on Sunday, June 2.  Details will follow.

Decision Announced

Aaron Schumann of Faith, Pittsburg, KS chose to continue to serve there, declining to serve in Harrisburg, PA.

Pastors Deliberating

Mark Reichert of St. Paul, Norfolk, NE to Phoenix, AZ

Dan Johnston of Living Savior, Blair, NE to Yorba Linda, CA

Steve Helwig of Gethsemane, Omaha (& VP of our district) to Greenville, WI

Paul Biedenbender of Christ, Denver (and RMLHS Chair) to Kewaunee, WI

Tim Westendorf of Abiding Word, Highlands Ranch, CO to Living Shepherd, Laramie, WY

Brett Krause of Zion, Denver to St. Luke, Watertown as Associate Pastor

Lutheran Teachers Deliberating

Rebekah Fincham of Gethsemane, Omaha to Salem, OR

Rachel Veith of Gethsemane, Omaha to Medford, WI

Tyler Dorn of NELHS to Neenah, WI

Congregations/Calling Bodies Calling a Pastor

-Zion, Bonesteel, SD & St. Paul, Naper, NE to David Reichel of Mitchell and Huron, SD.  Paul Hirsch of St. Paul, Norfolk and Beautiful Savior, O'Neill is serving the vacancy at St. Paul, Naper.

-Grace, Burke, SD will Call again April 28.  Will Harley of Trinity, Winner, SD is serving this vacancy and Zion, Bonesteel, SD.

-The Nebraska District Mission Board to Jason Strong of Fairbanks, AK for the mission start in Joplin, MO.

-Zion, Mission & St. John, Witten, SD--Retired pastors Rich Schliewe and Tom Zeller serve as Vacancy Pastors.

-Christ, Beatrice is being served by Fred Berger from St. Paul's, Plymouth.

-Good Shepherd, Kearney, NE will Call again April 25.  Tom Schneider from Christ in Grand Island, NE is serving the vacancy.

-The Latin American World Mission Board, with Tim Westendorf as its chair, will Call April 25.

-Living Shepherd, Laramie, WY (and CO DMB) to Tim Westendorf of Highlands Ranch.

Congregations/Boards Calling a Lutheran Teacher

-Rocky Mountain Lutheran High School to Santiago Botero as International Program Director and to Jesse Nofftz of Lake Orion, MI for Vice Principal.

-NELHS is deliberating re the Math and Athletic Director position.

-St. Peter, Ft. Collins, CO to Laura Shilling of Jacksonville, FL for preschool director.

-Zion, Valentine, NE will Call again April 24 for a preschool director.

-Good Shepherd, Cheyenne, WY is considering their options for preschool director.

-Beautiful Savior, Topeka, KS is considering options for their preschool director.

-Information re requesting a servant from our Lord through the WELS Assignment Committee is forthcoming.  If you want info earlier, call me at 785-313-0393.

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