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Holy Week.  Again.  Or for the very first time as a public servant of the Word of our Lord.

If it's for the sixtieth time, the temptation can be to need something new, in the sense of something different.  If it's for the first time, it can be the same temptation. "They need to hear something they've never heard before.  I have to do it different."


They need the "one necessary thing."  They need to hear God, in Christ, proclaimed to them; they need to have God, in Christ, come to them in bread and wine--the Way He chooses to come to humans.  They need it to be new--alright.  And the only way that occurs is through the lips of another human.  This is the will of God.

So give them the King so long awaited by the Jews, but not in the way their opinio legis hearts had perverted the promise of the LORD to His people.  "Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the LORD!"  It's Jesus, Immanuel.  It's not Jesus, the Che Guevara of the Jews.  It's Jesus, of Whom the Father said, "Listen! to Him."  Give them Jesus, Whose body and blood is given for you.  And not for you alone, but for the sins of the whole world who can't even figure out if a human life has any different value than an ant's life or a tree--so confused is the creation about its own essence and purpose.  And the body of Christ, the Church, is somehow tempted to be afraid of our neighbors and all their purported power and wealth and our purported lack of anything that they'd want or need?  Seriously?  Jesus knows the "one necessary thing" that the humans need.  And, by the grace of God and in the face of Christ, so do you. It's Jesus Christ alone.

A human.  A Jew.  Immanuel.  Rejected.  Despised.  Humiliated.  Forsaken by God.  Alone.  Sweating, as it were, great drops of blood.  Obedient to death, even death on a cross.  With no glory to attract us to Him.

I need to hear the story.  I look forward to hearing it.  For those of you who are privileged to tell the story in the name of the Living LORD and who don't get to have someone else tell you the story, tell the story to your own soul as you tell the story of life and salvation and God's love and forgiveness of sins in Jesus Christ to any who will gather in these next few days.  Jesus.  Jesus.  Christ for us.  And not for us alone.

And in the hearing is life.

Those of you asked by the LORD through the Church to speak in the LORD's and in the Church's name, please resist the temptation to be anything other than faithful.  That's where our hope is--in the Lord, Jesus Christ, Who promises to be with you in His name.  Let the story ring out, loud and clear and clean and centered--always and only--in the face of Christ.  There, there, there is word of life!


Jeff Halldorson will be installed at Shepherd of the Hills, Greeley, CO on Sunday, June 2.  Details will follow.

Decision Announced

Chris Esmay and Kerri Esmay of Beautiful Savior, Topeka, KS accepted to serve in St. John's, Waterloo, WI.
Joel Schwartz of Trinity, FL declined to serve the mission start in Joplin, MO.
Amanda Petersen accepted to serve as preschool director at Mt. Olive, Overland Park, KS.
Stephen Lauber of Lakeside Lutheran High School declined to serve at RMLHS.
Santiago Botero declined to serve at NELHS, as Science teacher.
Maria Gines declined to serve as preschool director at St. Peter, Ft. Collins, CO.
Cliss Loesher declined to serve as preschool director at Zion, Valentine, NE.

Pastors Deliberating

Mark Reichert of St. Paul, Norfolk, NE to Phoenix, AZ

Aaron Schumann of Faith, Pittsburg, KS to Harrisburg, PA

Dan Johnston of Living Savior, Blair, NE to Yorba Linda, CA

Steve Helwig of Gethsemane, Omaha (& VP of our district) to Greenville, WI

Paul Biedenbender of Christ, Denver (and RMLHS Chair) to Kewaunee, WI

Tim Westendorf of Abiding Word, Highlands Ranch, CO to Living Shepherd, Laramie, WY

Brett Krause of Zion, Denver to St. Luke, Watertown as Associate Pastor

Lutheran Teachers Deliberating

Rebekah Fincham of Gethsemane, Omaha to Salem, OR

Congregations/Calling Bodies Calling a Pastor

-Zion, Bonesteel, SD & St. Paul, Naper, NE to David Reichel of Mitchell and Huron, SD.  Paul Hirsch of St. Paul, Norfolk and Beautiful Savior, O'Neill is serving the vacancy at St. Paul, Naper.

-Grace, Burke, SD will Call again April 28.  Will Harley of Trinity, Winner, SD is serving this vacancy and Zion, Bonesteel, SD.

-The Nebraska District Mission Board will call again April 12 for the mission start in Joplin, MO.

-Zion, Mission & St. John, Witten, SD--Retired pastors Rich Schliewe and Tom Zeller serve as Vacancy Pastors.

-Christ, Beatrice is being served by Fred Berger from St. Paul's, Plymouth.

-Good Shepherd, Kearney, NE will Call again April 25.  Tom Schneider from Christ in Grand Island, NE is serving the vacancy.

-The Latin American World Mission Board, with Tim Westendorf as its chair, will Call April 25.

-Living Shepherd, Laramie, WY (and CO DMB) to Tim Westendorf of Highlands Ranch.

Congregations/Boards Calling a Lutheran Teacher

-Rocky Mountain Lutheran High School to Santiago Botero as International Program Director.

-NELHS is deliberating re the Math and Athletic Director position.

-St. Peter, Ft. Collins, CO will call again April 15 for preschool director.

-Zion, Valentine, NE to Cliss Loescher of Cambridge, MN for a preschool director

-Good Shepherd, Cheyenne, WY will call again April 14 for preschool director.

-Beautiful Savior, Topeka, KS is considering options for their preschool director.

-Information re requesting a servant from our Lord through the WELS Assignment Committee is forthcoming.  If you want info earlier, call me at 785-313-0393.

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